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Watch this video to learn more about my immigration story and how I can help you on your EB1A journey!

Disclaimer: The services provided by Anu Ramakrishnan are for informational purposes only and do NOT substitute legal advice or opinion. Please contact your immigration attorney for legal inquiries.  Anu Ramakrishnan is NOT an attorney. You should NOT take legal action on the basis of any content you learn from Anu Ramakrishnan, without first seeking legal or other professional advice. By engaging with my services on this website, it is assumed that you automatically infer compliance with my Terms of Use.


Curious about how I beat all odds and landed my green card in ONE year as a tech leader & without a PhD, citations OR patents? Are you a self-starter and are eager to build your professional profile outside the four walls of your workplace? Then you're at the right place!

What's in the Guide?

~100 pages of comprehensive, structured content how you can build a stellar EB1A profile, including:

🚀 Writing scholarly articles

🚀 Building judging work

🚀 Getting press features

🚀 Getting expert letters

🚀 Navigating attorney research

...and SO MUCH MORE!​

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Over 400
immigrants have benefitted from my discovery guide & coaching.

Many immigrants hesitate to take their first step towards EB1A exploration simply because they lack first-hand information on the process from someone who's endeavored it. Let's work together to overcome that by understanding the requirements, evaluating your profile and building a roadmap to ultimately help you on your path to a EB1A green card!


I'm NOT an immigration attorney. I do not provide legal advice or opinion on the EB1 path or immigration in general.

My mission is to help every deserving immigrant maximize their full professional potential.

Just like you would seek advice from a mentor or a professional who has previously treaded a path you're looking to pursue (be it making a transition to a new industry, or applying to an MBA program), you can consider me a mentor/buddy to serve as a precursor to the EB1A process as you're discovering if this is for you. Based on my own personal research, learnings and experiences, I can help you understand tips and strategies on what worked for me to build a strong professional profile for the EB1A. I only provide professional profile development advise tailored to your field. Once you're on a path to building a strong profile, you should work with a licensed immigration attorney to help you with your case.

Why I charge for my services:

Making this a paid effort ensures accountability and value for time on both sides. I fully understand how important this journey is to you, and want to ensure I can provide highest quality of personalized coaching to anyone who seeks my help.

Here's what my clients have to say.

Close Up Portrait
"Your coaching helped me position my strengths in a strategic manner and craft my niche to demonstrate the need for professionals like me"

Health Tech Professional, EB1A Approved 2023

My story is just like yours.

I spent a decade as an immigrant stuck in the rut of the H-1B & EB2 pathway and I decided to change my fate for good. Watch my interviews on YouTube and sign up to access my free resource to understand the EB1A process and timeline.

Disclaimer: I'm NOT affiliated with any of these programs.

Grow with Anu.

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