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My interests span across Product Management, UX Design, mHealth, E-Commerce in Fashion, Styling & Fashion Blogging. You may find below some of my recent projects, writing & design samples, much of which is outside the realms of my full-time job.

Find Desi Wear
Online E-Commerce Marketplace for South-Asian fashion

Find Desi Wear's vision is to make Indian Fashion accessible to the rest of the world. is an online wiki that provides recommendations on the best online stores for South-Asian fashion. While south-asian fashion e-commerce is a growing space with thousands of vendors strewn across the web, it's very overwhelming for a buyer to comb through the weeds and identify vendors who are reliable and of high quality. Find Desi Wear aims to be the one-stop-shop for all south-asian fashion. Platform: Responsive Web Interface

mHealth behavior change
Improving outcomes in mHealth apps through behavior change | Story on

How can one bring about behavior change in mHealth apps to improve health outcomes? Read my article on the Medium for more!

Onboarding for Mobile Health Apps | Story on

In this article, I explore user onboarding for mobile Health (mHealth) apps by deep diving into common best practices, tradeoffs and considerations to make through examples of several consumer and patient facing mHealth apps today.

Read the full story here.

Onboarding for mHealth apps

UX Design Samples

UX Samples Anchor

Analytics Dashboard on Web | Restaurant Business | Design Prototype

Here's a prototype I designed for an analytics dashboard for a restaurant owner or manager. The dashboard provides visibility into metrics most relevant to the business such as number of customers, items sold, revenue and profit over a given time window (say, last 30 days). Also included in the dashboard is the number of units sold for every item on the menu, including the most popular item in the given time period. 

The prototype below is an expanded view of one of the menu-modules in the dashboard. Clicking on the menu-module provides additional metrics, such as a weekly histogram of units sold in the last month, including comparative stats on how the item performed since the previous month.

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